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 The section on cholesterol is extensive. Follow the links to each page listed below. A more extensive outline follows. Learn and enjoy!

A More Detailed Outline

--What is cholesterol?
--What causes high cholesterol?
--What happens if I lower my cholesterol?
--Can you tell me a good diet?
--Why is my cholesterol still high?
--What is a "normal" cholesterol?
--What should my level be?
--Does it matter when my cholesterol and triglycerides are measured?
--My cholesterol level is normal. Does that mean I can’t have a heart attack or stroke?
--What about triglycerides
--How and when should high cholesterol be treated?
--Can you give me a good diet?
--Why is my cholesterol still high?
--Watch all fats, not just cholesterol
--How much fat can I eat?
--What foods are high in fat?
--What are some foods that are low in fat?
--Some specifics of "how to do it"
--What about margarine? I’ve heard it might be bad.

There’s really a lot more if you’re still interested in discovering it --Links to Cholesterol section

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