It really is a useful tool !

The Food Pyramid was designed to display all of the good foods there are to eat. It tries to change the usual "don’t’s" of eating with some "do’s". Eat plenty of the right foods.

Eat 5 to stay alive

Remember a few important numbers about food choices.

The recommendations of the food pyramid boil down to this for each day

Some more hints about specific food groups

Also, use the following hints to eat the best diet. Check out some of these


 Whole grain breads  Muffins (small & simple)  Frosted cake
 Cereals  Cornbread   Cheesecake
 English muffins  Cake donuts  Pies
 Rice  Animal crackers  Croissants
 Pasta    Buttered popcorn
 Low-fat crackers (soda, graham, rye, plain)    Big muffins with nuts, etc.
 Angel food cake    Chips
 Plain popcorn    Egg noodle
 Pretzels    High-fat crackers
 Vanilla wafers    
 Fig bars    


Skim milk  2% milk  Whole milk
 1-2% cottage cheese  Low-fat yogurt Ice cream  Cream
 1-2% cheese  Ice milk  Non-dairy coffee creamers
 Non-fat yogurt  Part skim cheeses (mozzarella, ricotta)  
   Reduced-fat sour cream  
   Reduced-fat cream cheese  


 Fish  Tuna in oil  "Prime" grades
 Poultry without skin  Oysters  Spare ribs
 Water-packed tuna  Shrimp  Regular cold cuts
 Low fat cold cuts  Lobster  Sausage
 "Select" grades  Scallops  Bacon
 "Choice" grades  Crab  Fried meats
   Organ meats – liver, kidney, sweetbreads
   Canned meats


 Olive oil  Mayonnaise  Butter
 Sesame oil  Creamy salad dressings  Lard
 Canola oil    Bacon fat
 Safflower oil   Hydrogenated  shortening
Sunflower oil    Coconut oil
 Corn oil    Palm oil
 Peanut oil   Cocoa butter  (chocolate)
Salad dressings made with unsaturated fats    

Let’s look at meats again

Meats are an excellent food source. Protein is an important part of our diet. But, the fat in meats can really add up. Let’s look at a few examples of how much fat is in a 6 ounce serving.

 Meat  Fat grams  Cholesterol, mg
 Filet, broiled  16  150
 Pot Roast, braised  18  180
 Tenderloin, roasted   8  160
 Pork chop, broiled  18  160
 Chicken breast, meat only  6  140
Chicken breast, meat and skin  14  150
 Cod, baked  2  100
 Shrimp, steamed  4  320
 Tuna, canned in water  4  60
 Halibut, broiled  4  60
 Salmon, grilled  14  100

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