MYTH # 4:

"That pain can't be from my heart . . . it isn't severe enough" (or "it doesn't go to my left arm", or "it's just indigestion", or any number of others).



These myths are probably among the most prevalent . . . and the most dangerous. That "little discomfort" in your chest while walking up the stairs may be the warning sign of the heart attack around the corner. The "indigestion" that is "just a little worse than usual" may be the signs of a heart attack in progress, one whose effects could be minimized by prompt therapy. The best time to treat heart disease is before muscle damage occurs. If you're having a heart attack, dramatic improvements can be made in limiting its effects if you get to the hospital as early as possible. Most medical people are scared of these things too, so they will not think that you are anything but smart to get them checked out early. (For more on the symptoms of a heart attack, check out the link to "Coronary Artery Disease").



Cardiologists do not want to make everyone neurotic, but on the other hand they are well aware of the many masks worn by blocked arteries to the heart. Don't take antacids when you should be calling 9-1-1.

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