MYTH #6 :

"I just pop a couple of multivitamins a day. That's all you need."



Some people seem to believe that vitamins can prevent or cure everything. If only that were so. On the other hand, there are many recent studies suggesting that vitamins can be an important addition to therapy. Vitamin E, a well-known anti-oxidant, has been shown in at least two large studies to reduce the incidence and severity of blocked arteries and heart attacks. The data on Vitamin C is suggestive, but less convincing. Recently, an amino acid (the building blocks of proteins) called "homocysteine" has been shown to be elevated in many people with blocked arteries. Although not all of the data is in yet, it appears that this substance may be as important cholesterol in causing injury and eventual blockage of arteries. And yes, levels of homocysteine can be substantially reduced with the vitamins folic acid (folate), B-6, and B-12.



Vitamins are still not "the answer", but are becoming an increasingly recognized part of the therapy of blocked arteries. Current knowledge would suggest that Vitamin E (200-400 micrograms), folic acid (400 micrograms), B-6 (50 milligrams) and Vitamin C (500-2000 milligrams) on a daily basis may be helpful.

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