MYTH #8 :

"That food has no cholesterol. It's OK."



It has taken years, but the message is out about cholesterol, and almost everyone knows you want less of it. The companies that package food know this, and prominently label their food with sayings like "Low Cholesterol!" It's easy to forget that saturated fat is important, shifting the liver's metabolism to higher production of the "bad" types of cholesterol. While "polyunsaturated" fats are less harmful, a diet with moderate amounts of "monounsaturated" fats, such as are found in olive and canola oils may be the most protective of all. The so-called "Mediterranean Diet", with primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, modest amounts of meat, and significant monounsaturated fat intake seems to be protective, as well as tasty and enjoyable. For more on cholesterol and you diet, follow the link.



Read the label carefully so you know what you're getting. There are "no cholesterol" foods that aren't as healthy as they'd like for you to believe.

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