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HeartPoint Gallery: Our graphical central attraction. These headline extensive sections explaining various aspects of the heart and heart disease. One or more animated graphics are available at one time. A detailed outline is found below.

Health Tips: Brief rundowns and checklists of important topics important to your health and your healthcare.

Food You Will Love: Recipes by featured chef Bonnie Aechilman. Delicious, heart-smart cooking! There is a monthly recipe, with previous recipes maintained in the Archives section.

In The News: Despite a lot of news articles, there are only limited number of subjects which are also important. These are covered in this section, with previous coverage housed in the Archives section.

Commentary: More than news and facts, this department covers the place of medicine in society. Previous editorials are kept also in the Archives Section.

What's New: Keeps you abreast of what’s changing on the site, as well as upcoming features.

Information Center: Where you can find . . . yes this site map, ways to contact us, the Archives, and links to other sites.

HeartPoint Gallery Click on a frame and enjoy the animated graphics and extensive discussions of topics in
cardiology. Come back for new features which will be added on a regular basis.

The Heart (how it works)
Coronary Artery Disease

Cholesterol: Gallery

The New Food Label

High Blood Pressure
Congestive Heart Failure
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Atrial Fibrillation

Congenital Heart Disease

Herbal Remedies for the Heart
Valvular Heart Disease
12 Dangerous Myths
About Heart Disease

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